Things not to say….

I was shopping for D-rings today. And the store didn’t have the size I wanted, so they offered to order them, but it would take two to three weeks. And then it happend: (me (M) and a young nice lady shop clerk(C))

M: I am sorry, but I need the D rings faster. Two weeks is to long.
C: May I ask: what do you need them for?
M: I want to ‘tune’ a blouse.
C: Ah yes, for Halloween, right?
M: Actually I wouldn’t call my aunts 50th birthday ‘Halloween’ *clerk looks she is going to apologize* because the family ghoul is going to stay home….
C *looks very very very strange*
M: Uhm. *I am turning red* Where do you sell soap?
C: Ground floor. *completely confused*

She gave me the most confused and strange look I got in a very long time! Bad me! Bad bad bad bad me. Still I liked the look she gave me 😉


Rammstein Party

Es war mal wieder Zeit auszugehen. Also entschied ich mich in *demgroßenLaden* hier zur Rammstein-Party zu gehen. Ich mag Rammstein, also halte ich das auch aus, wenn der Resident-DJ mal wieder beweist, was DJ-sein meiner Meinung nach nicht ist: nämlich ein Album in den CD-Player packen, auf Play drücken und dann nur noch cool daneben stehen! Der nächste Vorteil: von Rammstein besitze ich zu wenig Alben, als das mir sowas sofort auffallen würde *gg* (ABER: er hats trotzdem gemacht! Und ich habs dummerweise trotzdem gemerkt…) Aber wofür gibts mehrere Floors? Dann geh ich halt zu nem anderen 😛

(English version at the bottom)

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Math Girlfriend

I found this at

<tgr> i told my girlfriend that she’s “math girl, doer of math: unable to integrate with society, only with functions of x”
<tgr> and guys, this is why she’s my girlfriend. she said:
<tgr> “i could do a u substitution…”

😀 Made my day!

Update: oscillators

The differential common base oscillator was correct! Unfortunately, it was as difficult as it seemed to be earlier this day.

BUT: I even dreamt of the right solution: define oscillation of the two single ended oscillators is in opposite phase and insert a virtual ground – et voila: easy, just as the single ended version.  Considering the fact that I start dreaming of solutions that early in my thesis… how will it be shortly before I have to hand it in?!?

Tomorrow I should be able to finish basic theory on differential oscillators and so I can start with simulations and theory on coupling! Cadence here I come! 😀

By the way: my calculations stretched over 4 pages. My supervisor found it very funny. And his colleagues, whom he immediately told, too… of course…

“You did that by hand?” – “Yes? How else?” – “MatLab?” – *cry*

Stupid differential oscillator thingy

I tried to calculate a differential colpitts ocillator (common base) by hand. Either I am stupid or it simply is to complicated 😦

Determinant of a 4xt matrix…. And the formulas cover serveral lines….. dammit……

*sniff* I want Matlab

I’ll go to bed and annoy my supervisor later this day. This is just frustrating….. Maybe I just missed something and it’s soooooo easy, I was just to tired to see. *narf*

Master of Desaster

For the first time in my life I was master for my TBE group. We had just finished our last adventure and I believed, our master was not really good at being master. So he build a character and I took over being master.

At first I really liked the idea. I prepared, read the rules thouroughly and even found an adventure ( I did not make one up, we were playing by the book 😉 ). Everything fine! But as time drew nearer, things went downhill… Continue reading

Online Journalismus – Kampf der Qualität?

Stefan Niggemeier hat einen wirklich sehr, sehr, sehr, sehr lesenswerten Vortrag über Online-Journalismus und dessen Problem mit der Qualität geschrieben. Das gute Stück ist (leider) auch sehr lang geraten, was Am-Bildschirm-Lesophobikern wie mir natürlich ein wenig den Spass nimmt, aber: alle Mann hin und lesen!

Schlechter Online

Unfortunately, this very nice lecture on online journalism of German newspapers or other German media is only available in German!