PC Blues

Today I had to reinstall windows on my pc. For the third time in two months. I know, people say things like ‘my windows has been running for half a year without error, I have to reinstall’, but honestly I’d prefer my windows system to work that long before crashing!

Even more, windows XP did not ‘want’ to install: Blue screen says ‘get yourself a new BIOS from your vendors homepage’. Like – HOW? Should I plug my finger into my router and save the data in my brains? Am I a shadowrun decker? No, thanks. Damnit.

So now I am running windows Vista – not better but running and fast to install.

Memo to self: after I finished my diploma thesis, I will upgrade my PC (second harddrive and stuff) and I will install Gentoo on this PC – and only some small windows for gaming.


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