PC Blues II

I HATE WINDOWS VISTA! I fucking hate this fucking operating system!! It has no backwards compatibility and yes – to hell with its fucking compatibility mode!! It does not work! For all those nice microsoft programmers out there: it is crap, it is buggy! I have to redownload every fucking programme I am using! I have better things to do than watch this crappy operating system crash on crobat reader 7 because it is too old – but hey no problem – you may install it but you may fucking never RUN it.

Well – NICE to know, that I am supposed to have software installed just to look at fucking desktop icons!!!!

This is a fucking working pc with a business version operating system! HELLOOHOOOO! I want software which is not outdated like hell to run!


And then you are nice and kind and download the next version. You may not fucking install it because this operating system finds the programm running and does not tell me where! It is not in my tasks, nor processes nor open nor fucking NOTHING!!!!! Who thought about that?!?

THAT’s why I  hate windows!


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