I have two really cute budgies (named Ao and Kiro). Once or twice a weak they are allowed to fly free in my room. And yesterday they did not go back to the cage. They were siting on the curtain pole (which is approximately 3m in my room) and stayed there over night. And for almost the whole time they were chatting (bird’s chat – I didn’t understand a word!) at me, as if to say *nänänänänäääää* 1) (Germanized version).

Well, after more than 24 hours on the curtain pole, no food and water, I decided the curtain needed washing and disassembled the pole. This was most probably funny to watch, as I have to balance on the window sill, the bed-head and my desk and then I have to tiptoe and reach up as far as I can to reach the curtain pole.

After taking down the curatain, my budgies fluttered around for almost fifteen minutes, totally crazy and confused, but finally they realized, the pole won’t be back until much later, so they moved to the cupboard and finally back to their cage.

They have just decided to like me a little again after sulking at me – at least it seemed like that. Because normally they start singing, when I talk to them, but after tricking them back into their cage, they just turned their backs on me *sniff*

Well, I think I will have to bribe them for the next week or something like that 😉

Note: My budgies are not hand tame, as this feature with pet bird is simply not soooooo important for me. Otherwise, they might have accepted my hand as “budgie-taxi” – but from their point of view my hand is some kind of super-evil-bird-crushing-monster-demon-from-hell-thing, unless, of course, the hand comes with food. Then it is delicious enough to be nibbled all over. 😉

1) Like when small kids have something special or tricked somebody. They point their finger and make this sound. What is this in English?


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