Things not to say….

I was shopping for D-rings today. And the store didn’t have the size I wanted, so they offered to order them, but it would take two to three weeks. And then it happend: (me (M) and a young nice lady shop clerk(C))

M: I am sorry, but I need the D rings faster. Two weeks is to long.
C: May I ask: what do you need them for?
M: I want to ‘tune’ a blouse.
C: Ah yes, for Halloween, right?
M: Actually I wouldn’t call my aunts 50th birthday ‘Halloween’ *clerk looks she is going to apologize* because the family ghoul is going to stay home….
C *looks very very very strange*
M: Uhm. *I am turning red* Where do you sell soap?
C: Ground floor. *completely confused*

She gave me the most confused and strange look I got in a very long time! Bad me! Bad bad bad bad me. Still I liked the look she gave me 😉


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