I will survive!

This weekend was rather stressful: Halloween parties, kendo seminar cooking with for friends…. Well, let’s start from the beginning:

Friday was Halloween, so time for having some fun, going out to a party or something… But on Saturday and Sunday I had a kendo seminar – and I haven’t been to training for months. It was a really difficult decision: should I go out partying, while I know the senseis would most probably do anything to make us crawl out of the dojo the next day? I had already cancelled the party I had been invited to, because I didn’t want to dress up, just to sit around at a party at a friends one-room-flat all night. I simply do not consider this fun. So in the end I was a good kendo player and went to bed early.

Plan for the seminar:

Saturday: training from 9 to 12 and from 2.30 to 6 and then we wouls sit together and talk.
Sunday: kyu examination, then training from 9 to 12 and cleaning up the dojo.

Saturdays training started with the most basic basics: ashi sabaki. We started with normal walking and then went through different forms of ashi sabaki (left foot in front, right foot in front, forward, backward with and without shinai….). Then the training continued in three groups. I was in dan group (finally *hihi*). And training was tough. Not as tough as I feared, but still a litttle too tough for me (I should be ashamed of myself!)

On Saturday we did a lot of kirikaeshi and kihon in the first section and when we finally met our senseis expectations we practised more commplex combinations of strikes. Those complex combinations need far too much space! When the kakari is doing men, passing by, motodachi turns and kakari hits hiki-men and then motodachi has to do another men after both went back to kamae – well most motodachis ended up using the wall to come to a stop…. In the second session we did a lot of waza, so this was a little easier. And in the end there was one hour of jigeiko. I was so wasted afterwards! In the second session the most fascinating thing I did was tsuki-do-kirikaeshi.

In the evening we had a great time chatting and eating. With some guys I talked about training in general – great topic, most might think, didn’t you just have a lot of training? – but we are kendo players – we hit each other and the little masochist inside of each of us is screaming for more. Best thing was, on mentioned, if you listened to us and you did not know, that we were talking about kendo, most feminists would be pissed or delighted *gg* (topic: most men have problems training with wopmen, when they are not used to this).

On Sunday I watched the kyu examinations – and found, that I would most probably be far to strict if it was for me to decide. Then I went for another session of complex combinations training: hit kote-men hiki-do kote – most went “what?!?”. Well, we didn’t know that this was only the beginning. And for the next two hours I really regreted getting up and to the dojo. Almost every muscle in my body was aching – as a matter of fact, it still is! And the most unfair thing is: if your muscles between the rips are aching, you cannot really breathe, you cannot cough, you cannot yawn or sneeze. Everything hurts. Try kendo with that one… Well, the “i will survive” – refrain was playing in my head through out the training and jigeiko afterwards. Cleaning up was done fast, as everybody helped.

Then in the afternoon the plan was, that some friends dropped by and we I cooked lasagne. Very delicious! And then we watched some episodes of “the Big Bang theory” – it is really funny, but it really hurt!


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