Virtual Reality

I’ve been doing simulations on QVCOs since early this morning (now it is around 6pm) and everything’s kind of frustrating……

  • I tried direct coupling towday – and it worked, but only because I accidentially changed the basic oscillator type.
  • I forgot to look at dc bias results -.- duh, do everything again
  • I still cannot explain how and why serial coupling works
  • I have to do presentations in early december, and this makes me panic – just a little very much 😦
  • My supervisor left over one hour ago, wishing me a nice weekend – which in turn will most probably consist of more work as I am expected to fix my circuits till Tuesday (latest)
  • I hate Microsoft Office 2007 because, because, because… I’ll tell you later, because being frustrated and sad and angry at the same time is not good for my weight 😉

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