Sounds of Future Party

I was out at *abiglocalclub* again this weekend. Sounds of Future Party means a lot of stuff by VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzerk, Project Pitchfork and the likes. I am currently somewhat addicted to dancing, so this was a almost perfect evening for me :-).

Besides dancing a lot I met a guy from my university classes. We talked a little and he was impressed, that I actually like this kind of music – I do, very much, but I like many kinds of music. I went home happily at around 3am and almost missed my tram – it would have taken me more than an hour to walk home.

Best thing: the sounds of future-DJ offered a great mix.

Worst thing: my ooh-so-favourite-dj on a smaller floor played all those Lacrimosa songs one cannot dance to because the music is too slow in a row!

No I’ll be back to work, I had an idea last night which I have to try….


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