Things not to say 2

Well I did it again… bad me.

The Order of Malta Ambulance Corps (thanks to wikipedia) is currently doing heavy ‘advertisment’ in the city. It’s grossly annoying! People try to talk you into becoming a supporter of the Order – which means mostly, they want you to pay a monthly fee. So christmas time is coming, charity is coming. I really hate it. (Not the Red Cross/Order of Malta Ambulance Corps/Médecins Sans Frontières/etc… but that they always come round in November and December)

So, I had serveral run-ins with those nice Maltese Corp People. Mostly not to strange, because at least they learned to go away, if one says ‘no thanks’. But after being addressed seven or eight times today, I kind of answered different.

They always started with: “Do you have some time to … (talk about whatever)?” First thought: Jehovas Witnesses on an undercover mission? (Do you have some time to chat about god? – Oh, he just went home! – Heathen!) So lets see:

Guy: Do you have some time to…
Me: Yes, but I don’t want to.
Guy: *confused* But, but
Me: O.O *blush* *hurry away*

Original was German of course, and at least on my side more colloquial:
Er: Hätten sie eventuell ein wenig Zeit?
Ich: Ja, aber keinen Bock.
Er: *verwirrt* Aber, aber sowas …

I know, he wanted to say I should not say things like this, but actually from time to time I do. Time to buy more soap. Rose soap is becoming my favourite… 😀

Actually there was one strange thing: First encounter this year, I am walking by their information stand. One must know, I am female, wearing a long skirt, a women’s winter jacket, I have long hair, bound to a pony tail. And one young women at this information stand tries to talk to me: “Excuse me Mam, ehm sorry, excuse me sir!” I was highly confused. I thought it was quite obvious that I am not male. My roommate gave me chocolate and told me, it was all my fault for being an engineer. Pfft. Maybe I should subscribe, so next year their whatever you call those people are at least trained in very basic human biology.


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