My friend and I talked about the latest charity campaigns in our city’s shopping areas and all those who go from door to door and try to talk you into paying for whatever – really. We are all students, so our financial situation is not exactly overwhelmingly good. (Still good enough – don’t worry.)

Those peoples answer on “sorry I am a student I can’t afford that” is normally “but many students have signed up, it can’t be that expensive.” First thing’s first: yeah, you probably met all those, that get 2000€ a month shoved up their south pole because daddy doesn’t know what to do with all his money.

Second, if I subscribed everytime, I am told “lots of students have subscribed”, I would:

  • feed children in Africa
  • help victims of the tsunami
  • pay doctors without borders wages
  • rescue the whales
  • feed European otters
  • save the beaver
  • save some rather unknown nature reservation I will probably never come by
  • pay wages to paramedics/rescuers/helpers/… of different emergency services
  • pay some child’s education
  • drill wells


Yeah, and I would live on the love all those mentioned above would send me back.


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