Today sucks

I honestly hope today will not end as it started.

This morning I overslept – which generally makes today a bad day for me. But in the two hours between my alarm clock going off and me waking up I had a dream which really brought me down. I was in Japan, hurrying to my dojo. I was a little late, so after I had dressed I started looking for my bogu. The dojo was very full, everybody I got to know during my one year stint at this dojo was there. And they started training and I just could not find my bogu. Well, during my time in Japan one of the dojos senseis had borrowed me bogu as I couldn’t bring my own. So finally I realized, I already returned it and I wondered, why I returned it so early as I was still in Japan. Then I woke up to find myself in Germany instead.

Now I am suffering from wanderlust, the only thing I want to do right now is to sit down some where and cry – or take the next plane back to Japan, which is simply impossible. Damn it.

Well, according to my plans for today I do not see much light at the end of the tunnel. Some friends are coming to my apartment and I will cook and then the plan is to play some poker. First thing: I am not exactly somebody who loves games and second thing: my ex is coming and I cannot tell him to stay away, as he is friends with my friends, too. And I did not organize the evening. But even if I did, I would have had to invite my ex, as I do not want to force my friends to choose.


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