Nice Elderly Lady II

I had been visiting my parents for Christmas and returned home last Sunday. Walking up to my place I notice an ambulance and a silver mercedes van parked in front of the house. I was really shocked as I was a) fearing something happend to the nice elderly lady I already posted about and b) thought the van was an undertaker’s car.

So I ran up to the house an found a paramedic struggeling with my front door. He let me in, and I saw that they in fact had come for ths nice lady, as her flat’s door was open and relatives were watching the paramedic preparing the door. Luckily the relatives did not look like the lady had deceased. I went up to my flat and from the room of my flat mate I watched as they transported the lady into the ambulance. She was talking to the paramedics and so I really hope that she is fine and will return, soon.

So, she most probably will never ever drop by here, but:

Get well, soon!

Update (01-03-09): She is back and she is fine 🙂


Wedding Bells

My best friend got married today. We have gone to school together and have been friends for a very long time. And even though we only meet seldomly as I moved away, our friendship is still strong. We don’t care, if we didn’t talk for one year, because being together always feels the same 🙂 And we both suffer from the “I really wanted to call but I somehow forgot”-disease 😉 Continue reading

I am lector

A very good friend of mine is planning to hand in his thesis soon. And because I am a very nice person (from time to time) I promised to correct his writings.

His thesis is not that long, only 80 pages, everything included. But he is quite good at using strange words in strange context. So reading and correcting the thesis was really hard work! It took me almost 12 hours to finish. I sat at my desk, reading out loud everything. Sometimes serveral times, just to find out, if it worked or not. The list of things I consider to be not German grew quite long. So maybe he will call and we will talk some points through during the next few days. Maybe.

Well. I suspect he wants to hand in his thesis before Christmas, but I am not sure if he makes it, as I was quite successful in finding errors.

Anyway, he owes me… ^^

Next Level

The relationship between me and my two budgies moved on to the next level: when I hold food into the cage, they come to my hand. Still, without food my hand is some ‘evil-moster-demon-thing-from hell’, but maybe they will come to step on my hand eventually. I would really very much appreciate it. Currently the only reason for them to sit on my hand is, when they land somewhere in my room, from where they cannot start again. So I give them a ride on my hand. But they start as soon as they see a chance, so last time Kiro( the other is named Ao) crashed directly into my face, because he started rather blindly I would presume. Luckily, he did not hurt himself.

They also learned a trick, which is very annoying: they learned to reproduce he sound of an incoming message in a skype chat. It can be quite annoying, if you have a chat that is rather slow and 90% of the time you believe a new message has arrived, it was your birds. They also make a sound which reminds me of the *iek iek iek* from the flipper series. But they only use it rarely.

For other budgie-owners out there: the first question most people ask on seeing my birds is: “Do they talk?” closely followed by “Can I hold one on my hand?” I can understand the second question, as I would really very much love it, if my sweethearts would sit on my hand, but why do people think budgies have to talk? I would really appreciate comments on that.

Nice elderly Lady

On the ground floor of my apartment building lives a nice elderly lady. She has problems walking, so you rarely see her.

The first time, I met her, I was checking my mail (empty, as always).
NEL: Oh, didn’t _he_ write? (Very special emphasis on “he”)
Me: Unfortunately there is no ‘he’ to write me.
NEL: *chuckles*

Today I met her for the second time, and she gave me a little present of chocolate 😀 And she didn’t want to have Christmas cookies. So what am I going to give to her?

I don’t …

…want my ex-boyfriend inside my flat. This always upsets me. He’s such an arse. *WWWAAARGHHHH* See, happens again. (RIGHT NOW!) 😦

Unforunately he is friends with my flat-mate, and he doesn’t mind his visits. Damn it. Damn it. Damn it.

Anybody give me cookies or chocolate, please? *big manga eyes*