Nice elderly Lady

On the ground floor of my apartment building lives a nice elderly lady. She has problems walking, so you rarely see her.

The first time, I met her, I was checking my mail (empty, as always).
NEL: Oh, didn’t _he_ write? (Very special emphasis on “he”)
Me: Unfortunately there is no ‘he’ to write me.
NEL: *chuckles*

Today I met her for the second time, and she gave me a little present of chocolate 😀 And she didn’t want to have Christmas cookies. So what am I going to give to her?


2 thoughts on “Nice elderly Lady

  1. Well, if coockies ain’t good, then some christmas tree decoration is always nice. She does have a tree, right? Otherwise you could go with spending some time with her. Most elderly would love that.

    Keep me posted….

  2. I got some incense cones for her. Incense smokers are quite common in this are, so I thought maybe this is a better idea than just another piece of christmas tree decoration. Maybe I will spend some time with her anyway. Just have to figure out how to arrange that…

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