I am lector

A very good friend of mine is planning to hand in his thesis soon. And because I am a very nice person (from time to time) I promised to correct his writings.

His thesis is not that long, only 80 pages, everything included. But he is quite good at using strange words in strange context. So reading and correcting the thesis was really hard work! It took me almost 12 hours to finish. I sat at my desk, reading out loud everything. Sometimes serveral times, just to find out, if it worked or not. The list of things I consider to be not German grew quite long. So maybe he will call and we will talk some points through during the next few days. Maybe.

Well. I suspect he wants to hand in his thesis before Christmas, but I am not sure if he makes it, as I was quite successful in finding errors.

Anyway, he owes me… ^^


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