Wedding Bells

My best friend got married today. We have gone to school together and have been friends for a very long time. And even though we only meet seldomly as I moved away, our friendship is still strong. We don’t care, if we didn’t talk for one year, because being together always feels the same 🙂 And we both suffer from the “I really wanted to call but I somehow forgot”-disease 😉

So back at school she met a very nice young guy. She was attracted to him, so she asked me (little Mrs Shy!!) how to tell him, she was in love. We talked it over and over for weeks on end, me always opting for the direct approach – something I could never do, and she never did. It could be really annoying, but well – that’s what friends are for 🙂 Finally he asked her *YAY* and everything was fine. I met him for the first time some months later, and he told me, he had equally felt attracted to her and he had decided to wait until she made the first move. Until he grew tired of waiting and asked her. I really could have killed him! I told him – not being totally earnest about it, of course. His reply: oh that was you?

And today they got married 🙂 I am really happy that it worked out that well as they are a perfect match!

Today’s wedding was only first part at the town office. As the room was very small only the closest family members were allowed in, so the rest waited in front of the town hall for them to come out. His colleagues and trainees had come and had prepared a very special gift for him: a metal shield displaying the sign of the company he is working at, the sign of a band, fire fighters and the boy scouts. To their surprise 20 to 30 people had come to congratulate them (today was a working day!).

After that they went for dinner and the rest was invited to join them again in the afternoon. I planned to go for one or two hours, hoping I would finally find some time to work on my thesis. Well – I stayed four hours and I will most certainly not be working on my thesis today. But it was really nice. They had prepared loads of cake. I think they will have a lot of cake over Christmas along with Christmas cookies and all the great dishes cooked for those special days. Luckily there weren’t too many people, so everybody got a piece of the really great wedding cake. We all had a great time, talking, eating and taking lots of photos.

So now I am looking forward to summer, because then they will exchange their vows in church and have a big celebration with their families and all their friends and I am invited 😀 I am also looking forward to pictures of todays celebration 😉 Especially those, that show “me looking stupid” as the bride put it 😉


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