Nice Elderly Lady II

I had been visiting my parents for Christmas and returned home last Sunday. Walking up to my place I notice an ambulance and a silver mercedes van parked in front of the house. I was really shocked as I was a) fearing something happend to the nice elderly lady I already posted about and b) thought the van was an undertaker’s car.

So I ran up to the house an found a paramedic struggeling with my front door. He let me in, and I saw that they in fact had come for ths nice lady, as her flat’s door was open and relatives were watching the paramedic preparing the door. Luckily the relatives did not look like the lady had deceased. I went up to my flat and from the room of my flat mate I watched as they transported the lady into the ambulance. She was talking to the paramedics and so I really hope that she is fine and will return, soon.

So, she most probably will never ever drop by here, but:

Get well, soon!

Update (01-03-09): She is back and she is fine 🙂


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