Winter Wonder Land

For serveral days it has been snowing slightly – or it was freezing, when the sky was clear, so we finally have 25-20cm of snow! Within the city!

I really love this winter weather. People start building snow people everywhere. Near my university some students built a snow family. Also a lot of parents and their children have sleigh rides. Every slope – and be it very small – is used for sleigh rides. Parents drag their children on sleighs on the sidewalks. This is really cool. And of course you can see students engaged in snowball fights quite often 😉 . I didn’t have any yet, as all my friends finished their thesis work already and don’t come to university anymore 😦 .

Forecast says, that temperatures will stay below 0°C for the rest of the week – well, its more like “clear sky: -10° to -20°, clouds and snow: 0° to -10°”. Sunday is the most critical day, as temperature might rise above 0°C. Snow might melt away and there might be huge problems with icy roads next week, as temperatures are expected to drop to -5°to -15°C again. Hold your thumbs, so it will stay cold for the next weeks. And for more snow, of course!

I think I will walk home from university tonight (approx. 30min), as I really enjoy the freezing cold. (Except my fingers hurt, but that’s why it’s “freezing”, not just “cold”.)

UPDATE(09-01-07): I did it. I walked home. It was wonderful! My face and legs turning wonderfully cold. I really love the feeling of my skin burning with cold.

The route I – more or less – have to take (unless I am up for serious hiking 😉 ) is not exactly beautiful. It mainly leads along a major road with two lanes in each direction and I have to cross huge track systems via bridge. But with the snow glittering everywhere like diamonds everything was of astonishing beauty. Also it was my lucky day: I pass a railway museum on my way home and yesterday one of the steam locomotives was standing outside. Covered in snow. Soooo beautiful.


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