A New Place To Live

I will have to move out of the room I am currently living in by the end of March. So I finally started to look for a new place to live. Yesterday I looked through advertisments and today I visited the first apartments that seem to match my wishes.

What should I say? I hate it. I hate going from one flat to another and have a short look, because it takes time, I could much better use working on my thesis or entertaining my friends or Mr. Nicolaus ๐Ÿ˜‰ ^^ And I have a very strong dislike for the agents, as they seem to be somewhat slimy. I really don’t like them. Everything is fine and perfect and “uuuuuhhh look at the nice surroundings! You won’t find that in any apartment as low priced as this” – “yeah, with a construction material seller on the opposite site of the road” … folks, I am an engineer, this behaviour does repell me!

So here we go for what I found today:

  1. Plus: huge balcony; I can have a garden for a small annual fee in addition to the common garden; there is a spare room in the cellar for me, which I can lock; the flat will be renovated before I move in – Minus: no active ventilation for the kitchen, which does not have a door to the living room; expensive
  2. Plus: kitchen in an extra room; bath tube(but this doesn’t really count, as I am more a shower person); attic for hanging one’s clothes to dry; common garden; spare room in the cellar, which I can lock; layout of the rooms – Minus: I have to renovate the whole flat, as some ยง&”(&”&ยง$% idiot put an extra layer of flooring on top of the other flooring and removed it on moving out, so now you see the glue marks everywhere and they painted every room in a different colour: blue (entrance), terracotta (kitchen), peach (living room), pink/fuchsia (sleeping room) – no way I could move in like _THAT_; expensive
  3. Plus: spacious, bright, cellar *blahblah*, small balcony, common garden – Minus: open kitchen; I have to paint the walls (but all walls are white *YAY*), the “view”: directly behind the house is a old machine manufacturing hall which is to be renovated and turned into lofts – “there won’t be noise, as the building was already gutted” – yeah, for sure and they will most probably not renovate the old and decayed facade of the builing, will they?; expensive
  4. Plus: None? – Minus: Has to be painted, looks like it was also intended for use as bureau, no cellar, no garden, in an commercial area, construction material whole sale, at a main road, far away from the next tram
  5. see 4.
  6. (UPDATE) Plus: low cost, built in kitchen, first floor, beautiful house, rather large bath room, will be renovated completely before I move in, cellar – Minus: DSL not yet available, kitchen colour is “mint”

So after five flats, there are only two candidates: No1 and No3, but I do tend to No1 as it has the better reasons on the plus side ๐Ÿ˜‰ As for No2: the apartment is basically very nice and everything, but I simply do not have time to renovate. If it was just painting and putting in new flooring, it would be ok, but I will have to repaper all rooms (approx. 3m height) and ceilings, as I don’t know of any paint that could cover the colours. I would prefer some neutral, white walls – I do have plans for making myself at home in this apartment and this plan does not work on fuchsia. Besides, this colour would give me nightmares.

More: I am frozen to the core, I should take a long hot shower, but I will visit another apartment next hour and I will go ice skating with my friends afterwards….

UPDATE: the last apartment looks really nice, too. And I decided to drop No3 instead. So again two apartments on my list.


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