Ice Skating

Yesterday evening I went ice skating with two very good friends. We all hadn’t been ice skating in years, so we didn’t expect too much. Anyway, ice skating is fun, even if you spend most time with trying to stand up again.

Good news: I still know how it works and I am still able to use a little advanced technique to do curves.
Bad news: I don’t know how to skate backwards anymore. And I don’t know how to change from going forwards to going backwards. Most of the time I tried, I simply spun until I either stopped or almost fell.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun and I fell only once. But that was from rather high speed, so now my knees and my right elbow are discolouring to blue. Also, my knees hurt rather much, so I can only do small steps. It looks rather funny – me limping around. Anyway, I hope, I can get my friends to go ice skating again soon. I want to try ice hockey skates instead of figure skating skates.


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