Party update

Recently I have been to two really great parties at different local clubs.

Last Saturday (Jan, 3rd) I went to the Welle:Erdball-Party at $biglocalclub. As I really like Welle:Erdball, it couldn’t be too bad, and the dj also tried to be good at playing music (the dj who sometimes plays complete albums). He did a very good job mixing old and new songs, fast and slow, the club hits and the hidden diamonds 😉 . It was a really great night, but it was freezing inside the club. I don’t know why they didn’t turn on the heating properly. Maybe a technical problem or it was too cold outside or they had an event, which had been heated to much and too many complaints about that. Anyway, my clothing wast apt for this “room teperature” and even dancing did not help – so I left at half past two, being felling like a block of ice. I really enjoyed the hot shower at home.

Yesterday I went to an Unheilig-Party at $smalllocalclub. The same dj as last weekend was in charge – and from my point of view, he did extra-ordinarily well. He did not play albums, he played very well chosen songs not by Unheilig. Very well! The location is pretty cool: a small club in a cellar, on the dance floor the walls are decorated with nice grafitti, in the other rooms the ceiling is built to remind of a cave. The club consists of serveral rooms, so if you don’t want to dance, you have many possibilities to avoid the rather loud music. Which is the only minus: the music is far too loud sometimes. Maybe the PA is a little too big for the rather small room?

I really enjoyed yesterday night. Beside to rather young boys (>20, I suppose) who were not really dancing but – erm – well, how can you describe it? They were stomping with huge movements of their feet and jumoing and their arms moved, as if they were rowing a boat. Of course they had a bottle of beer _in_ their hand while – erm – “dancing(?)”. I was really worried, I could take a beer shower – which in fact would have ended my night out at the same instant and ruined my mood – so after one song near those two I changed the side of the room. Whatever drug they took, and whoever gave it to them: don’t _ever_ do it again!(1) I am still wondering how they managed to shake their beer all the way through two songs, without spilling it on others. And how could they move like that completely out of sync with the music and without falling? Any ideas?

Both nights I enjoyed especially not being on my own. Having somebody to talk to and to dance with and for – uhm – other things is really nice. On the other hand, I have to get used to the fact, that I am not entertaining myself only. From time to time it feels quite strange. Anyway, my thanks go to Mr. Nicolaus for two wonderful nights out 😉

(1) Or give me some, too.


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