Strange Vibrations

Currently, every 5-10 minutes my desk vibrates for some seconds. I am definitively not living in an area that is know for its regular earthquakes, so what the <favourite swear word> is it?

Maybe they are remodelling parts of the building and in case this is true, I truely hope, they know what they are doing. I am working on the second floor and I do not want to have my desk relocated to the cellar within seconds.

When working on my student’s thesis, I experienced a similar situation: every now and then the lab and adjacend bureaus would shake rather heavily. Shortly after lunch we discoverd that workers were breaking down walls in the cellar, as the cellar was remodelled for new labs and bureaus.

Me: What happens, if they remove a supporting wall?
S(upervisor): Well, we’ll have our bureaus in the cellar from next week.
M: What about our IT? (Our bureaus were on first floor, our IT admins were on ground floor)
S: Uhm – we won’t have any?

If this is the last entry for the next few months, I have been relocated spontanously 😉

PS: After one year in Japan I consider myself rather adapted to small earthquakes – but this is really getting annoying.


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