Things not to do…

in an ambulance. No, I’m just joking. I have never been in an ambulance – and I hope I will never have to be transported by one. *crosses fingers*

… with your keyboard. Especially if it is a company’s keboard and you don’t know, how many users it had seen before you.

So let’s go back in time, let’s say one year. I was in Japan, and had huge problems with the new Japanese keyboard I had been given. For those, who have never had the pleasure to write on a Japanese keyboard: the layout for the letters is the same as on an American keyboard (QWERTY), but almost all punctuation marks are in different places. I am used to QWERTY-keyboards, as long as they have the same punctuation layout as an American keyboard, I can use it. The problem was: I was programming, and I simply could not adjust to the punctuation layout and thus made a lot of typos.

After complaining to very nice Admin-san, I was given a “new” keyboard which had an American layout. But in fact it must have been 8 years old or older. But I was happy – even though colleagues complained that my typing was rather loud now *gg*. To return to the original topic: one day I got bored and I decided to turn the keyboard to see what was hidden below the keys. Very. big. mistake. I found the usual deal of hairs and dust, but also loads of crumbs from cookies, pencil sharpening and some things, that might already be part of some serious evolutionary process again *yuck*.¬† And I found finger nail clippings. *EWWWWWWWW* Who clips his/her finger nails in an office? In public?… soooo disgusting *eww*

So one might think, lesson learnt, I will never ever do it again.

Not me. That would be far to easy. I am a little bored, waiting for my simulation results right now. Guess what I did? Right…


Hopefully I have learnt my lesson this time…


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