Cola Intoxication

Ok, sooo I drank 1.5l of coke within 1 hour something. And now I strongly believe I might be slightly intoxicated.


  • I had some rather philosophical discussion with a friend on how Warhammer 40k (table top game, apocalyptical settings) reflects our world here and now. And it still seems coherent to me.
  • I have serious mood swings. World hates me – loves me – hates me – loves me… no more petals left on the flower… “The flower hates me!!!!”
  • My sense of balance is slightly disturbed. Fell down from my chair twice -.-
  • I am some kind of hyperactive. Sitting on my chair, bouncing up and down. Second part of reason, why I fell down twice.

So, if any one wants to visit me right now, might be fun 😉


One thought on “Cola Intoxication

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