*Eeeeeeek* I. Am. Back.

Finally, I am back.

After I was really very sick last week, I am finally back to write here again. As I already wrote, I caught a virus infection, which hit me really hard. I spent last week in bed – literally. On Monday, my head was about to explode, my body was aching and my circulation was on a roller coaster ride. Going to the bathroom or the kitchen was an adventure to me. But luckily the pain killer (Thank you paracetamlol!) worked well, so at least I was able to sleep. In the beginning this was quite nice, until I realized, that sleeping all day would keep me up all night.. *YAY* Learning by doing. I spent the rest of the week staring at the ceiling.

Spending a week in bed is really far worse than taking antibiotics or something like that. I did not really have a social life for the bigger part of last week. First, because I didn’t want to pass on my sickness to others, second, because I had to stay in bed I did not have much chance to meet people and third, because of my headache I could use neither computer nor telephone. I wrote my thesis supervisor an email on wednesday – looking at a pc screen for about 10 minutes really boosted my headache beyond imagination.

On thursday, my sister called me, to ask how I was and we talked on the phone for about 2 hours – my head hurt like hell, but I was getting a little bit of social life! And I got a really great overview over the lattest gossip from her 😉 I don’t know most of her friends (at least I can’t remember faces belonging to the names) but now I know all the stories 😉

The only great thing last week: my two beloved silver rings turned up again. My ex-boyfriend found them in a seldomly used part of his backpack. I have been searching for those two rings for almost 2 years. If you read this: THANK YOU!

So for the next virus to hit me: please, no headache. Give me a fever and a severe cough, whatever you like, but don’t give me a headache. So at least, I can work.

Amd I was visited by Mr Murphy: no internet connection since some time last week. Now I applied for a key for my university building, so I can go there on weekends to work.


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