So after finishing the circuit in a hurry for the presentation, I started layouting the circuit. My supervisor gave me a short introduction to the tool and some documents which give further information, and I think it works fine. I think, I might be rather slow because I put a lot of thought in every placement. But maybe this spares me another layout run. At least I hope so.

As my QVCO is constructed from serveral blocks on schematic level, I tried to do the layout for the blocks first and put them together for the final layout. But a QVCO requires so much consideration about symmetrie, that I just dropped the approach and layouted the whole device in one take. I have to consider symmetrie all the time, so I have to define spaces, which are not allowed for a single block and directions that are not allowed and I always have to keep in mind, to place devices as close as possible, as long wiring means high inductive parasitics… It is easier to remember all those restrictions when I move from one structure to the next and after deciding for one quarter add it to the others.

A great difficulty is the huge number of transmission line, which  I have in my circuit. Those lines serve as inductances and I do not have anything like an integrated inductor available – besides: it wouldn’t work at this high frequencies, anyway. Transmission line should not cross, need ground plane under it and sufficient distance to the neighbouring lines which makes it really a pain in the ass to place them. Currently my layout bears a strong resemblance to a harvestman: a small heap of devices in the middle of the circuit forming the body and long transmission lines forming the legs.
My supervisor already reviewd the layout in different stages of progress and said “As far as I know about layounting, this looks excellent!” He really made me feel very good about my work 😀 Thanks!

About my thesis in whole: I am still a bit behind… But I will try to write faster, once the post layout verification gives sufficient results.



The night from the 13th to the 14th February 1945 was maybe the most horrible night in Dresden’s 800 years of history. It was the night, that allied bombers reduced the city to a big heap of rubble. Not to mention the fires that consumed what the bombs had left untouched. This air raid cost the lives of 17,000 to 25,000 people. One can actually call it a war crime – still, there are hundreds of other names possible – beside those that contain the term ‘holocaust’. The neonazis use this term to place the bombing of German cities on the same level as the holocaust, which is more than just inappropriate. Each year they march through Dresden stating this quaetionable claim, and unfortunately this is maybe the largest regular nazi gathering in Germany.

So after the small demonstration grew in numbers to serveral thousand nazis, finally not only the Antifa (which can be a problem of itself) noticed that this was neither good nor wanted and the large parties and citizens’ groups founded “Geh-Denken”(1) as a peaceful demonstration against the nazi demonstration. This year SPD, Grüne, PDS/die Linke, trade unions and associations organised a huge protest march which started from three different points and was united on the Theaterplatz for the final rally. In the evening concerts of wellknown German artists were scheduled. Continue reading


Hey everybody out there!

Like most bloggers I really like getting comments – unfortunately there aren’t too many comments here. But hey- at least the spam bots found my oh so well known and often linked blog and now I have to delete up to 20 comments a day. Ok, for people having serveral thousand readers, that might not be much, but I don’t have that many readers.

Please – real readers – leave a real comment from time to time. You’d make me really happy 😀

Good News and Bad News

Good news: my budgies sat on my hand voluntarily and for a longer time today.

Bad news: they are on a diet currently, so the prospect of being fed makes them do anything.

Unfortunately I have been a little to generous in feeding my two beloved ones and so they became rather voluminous. So I put them on a strict diet. It seems to work out rather successful, so from next week I will be more generous than the last two weeks – and they won’t come on my hand anymore. -.-

PS: Had a nice weekend, but due to lots of work, it will take some time for me to write about it. So look forward to my next entries (one on work and two on my weekend)


After lots of work during the last two weeks and no weekends I had my presentation today – and have nothing left to work on. So I am gooing to celebrate a “Meevening”, which is an evening just for me.

First things first: today’s workshop was a half marathon of presentations, 21 in all. Most of them, from a language point of view, were outright torture for my feel for language. Don’t get me wrong, my English is certainly not the best one can find, so isn’t my pronounciation, but still there were lots of things which made me want to bang my head repeatedly against a wall. Most presentations had to be given in English, and most German lecturers simply mutilate this language when using it. Living in Japan for one year taught me to simply ignore regional accents – which I am quite good at with German speakers. But some mispronounciations still hurt – and it won’t get any better, if you have lots of those!

Anyway, my presentation went very well. I was really very nervous before it and during the presentation I had to keep movin because, if I stood still my legs would starft shivering. But there were only a few questions and remarks, so I am really content. This presentation also marks the point on which I start layouting, but that just happened by chance 😉

So tonight, I am celebating my Meevening with some movies – I have Wall-E, Corpse Bride and the Silence of the Lambs – and I think I’ll watch them in exactly this order 😀  I have wedges and sausages for dinner ( that’s just not meant to be a healthy meal) and of course potato crisps and pepsi coke as desert with the movies. Considering my movie selection – mybe I should try not to have animation and horror movies, but animated horror movies. Any ideas?