After lots of work during the last two weeks and no weekends I had my presentation today – and have nothing left to work on. So I am gooing to celebrate a “Meevening”, which is an evening just for me.

First things first: today’s workshop was a half marathon of presentations, 21 in all. Most of them, from a language point of view, were outright torture for my feel for language. Don’t get me wrong, my English is certainly not the best one can find, so isn’t my pronounciation, but still there were lots of things which made me want to bang my head repeatedly against a wall. Most presentations had to be given in English, and most German lecturers simply mutilate this language when using it. Living in Japan for one year taught me to simply ignore regional accents – which I am quite good at with German speakers. But some mispronounciations still hurt – and it won’t get any better, if you have lots of those!

Anyway, my presentation went very well. I was really very nervous before it and during the presentation I had to keep movin because, if I stood still my legs would starft shivering. But there were only a few questions and remarks, so I am really content. This presentation also marks the point on which I start layouting, but that just happened by chance πŸ˜‰

So tonight, I am celebating my Meevening with some movies – I have Wall-E, Corpse Bride and the Silence of the Lambs – and I think I’ll watch them in exactly this order πŸ˜€Β  I have wedges and sausages for dinner ( that’s just not meant to be a healthy meal) and of course potato crisps and pepsi coke as desert with the movies. Considering my movie selection – mybe I should try not to have animation and horror movies, but animated horror movies. Any ideas?


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