Daylight Saving Time

Last weekend we switched to daylight saving time. I really, really, really hate it: I suffer from a jetlag that is far worse than flying to Japan or back! And I really don’t understand: why? where do we save energy? I do not really believe anybody telling that, there are no stats – and maybe there was a time, when not switching on your lights at home counted. But today? We have our computers and other devices that are switched on 24/7. So how much do “lights” matter?

Has anybody ever tried to find out, what it does to our poor biorhythm? At least mine suffers.

Imagine the alarm clock goin off… *beepbeepbeepbeep*
Head(H): 6o’clock – get ready to get up folks!! Hooray!! (Normaly, I would get up fairly easily)
Guts(G): Wha… what?
H(jumping): Gettupgettupgettup!!!!
G: F*** off, I am not getting nowhere at 5 o’clock in the morning…
And off I am to dream land again. Getting up is really strenuous recently. And experience has it – it will be for at least this week. That sucks. At least I am not the only one to suffer from sleepiness and so most people around me don’t notice that I am uber-slow this week. Spent Monday on Pepsi and green tea, as well as Wednesday… getting on other people’s nerves because I get a little hyperactive with to much caffeine in my system…

The only person not affected I met so far: my father. His overview over getting up (he’s on vacation): Friday – 0800, Saturday – 0800, Sunday – 0900, Monday – 0800…. *narf* That’s so unfair!


Print to File

Printing documents from the Acrobat Reader can be a real pain in the rear end. My thesis has some pages at the beginning, which do not have page numbers and the Reader simply cannot handle printing those pages correctly.

But I noticed, you could print to file. Cool thing – and for free and without additional software. Nice guys over at Acrobat – at least I thought. Big BUT: the file is a page maker file. Guess what: Software to open this file is not for free – of course.

Thesis update: printing first preliminary version – still a looooooooooong way to go. Anyway, 70+ pages are 70+ pages. Could be worse.