Daylight Saving Time

Last weekend we switched to daylight saving time. I really, really, really hate it: I suffer from a jetlag that is far worse than flying to Japan or back! And I really don’t understand: why? where do we save energy? I do not really believe anybody telling that, there are no stats – and maybe there was a time, when not switching on your lights at home counted. But today? We have our computers and other devices that are switched on 24/7. So how much do “lights” matter?

Has anybody ever tried to find out, what it does to our poor biorhythm? At least mine suffers.

Imagine the alarm clock goin off… *beepbeepbeepbeep*
Head(H): 6o’clock – get ready to get up folks!! Hooray!! (Normaly, I would get up fairly easily)
Guts(G): Wha… what?
H(jumping): Gettupgettupgettup!!!!
G: F*** off, I am not getting nowhere at 5 o’clock in the morning…
And off I am to dream land again. Getting up is really strenuous recently. And experience has it – it will be for at least this week. That sucks. At least I am not the only one to suffer from sleepiness and so most people around me don’t notice that I am uber-slow this week. Spent Monday on Pepsi and green tea, as well as Wednesday… getting on other people’s nerves because I get a little hyperactive with to much caffeine in my system…

The only person not affected I met so far: my father. His overview over getting up (he’s on vacation): Friday – 0800, Saturday – 0800, Sunday – 0900, Monday – 0800…. *narf* That’s so unfair!


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