Thesis Update

My big day was April, the 28th: I handed in my thesis. 6 months of often hard work dcoumented on slightly more than 100 pages in total, nicely printed, with a burgundy hardcover binding and with a golden impression to the cover saying “Diplomarbeit”. I. am. so. proud.

Putting the final version together was really strenuous with last minute modelling and neverending changes to some sections. But honestly, I am no good at writing a motivation for the thesis, because my very personal motivation does not count. See, I am an engineer. I design a circuit, because “Yes, I can” do it, and because I love designing circuits, and because I have a big chance of designing a good circuit (at least I think so). But the motivation for the thesis has to be more from an economical point, like where can we use it and why should we use it instead of other approaches. Difficult, but I finally put something together.

Final step for my studies will be the presentation of my thesis next week. I am looking forward to it, although it also makes me nervous. But people here try there best in not letting me get too nervous. Another thing to look forward to: vacation! After my presentation I will be on vacation, visiting my relatives, have some nice time on somebody else’s sofa and just relax.

And from the beginning of June I will start working on my PhD thesis. Good thing, because I will stay at my university and did not have to write job applications 🙂 Lucky me!


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