You know, you worked too much on your electronics thesis…

… if you try to write an email to a friend and you use […] instead of […]
Well, that’s actually not the worst it could possibly get: You don’t understand, why the email is not delivered.

… if you submit a post in a forum in correct latex formatting. – And you are wondering, why it is not displayed correctly.

Hopefully _not_ to be continued 😉

Remark: I wrote this at the beginning of April an forgot to publish it. *narf*

UPDATE: May, 6th, me chatting with my sister – sorry folks, but it only makes sense in German. I wanted to find out whether her new crush is a smoker.
M(e): rauscht das Objekt deiner Begierde auch?
M: -s
S(is): 😀
S: freak


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