Evil-demon-sage-sweetie from Hell

Because my throat is sore, I forced myself to approximately 2l of sage tea and loads of sage sweeties today. One of these little fuckers has clearly been made in hell:

Travelling with a tram, I accidentailly swallowed the little fucker – and instead of just going down, it fucking decided that it would be really nice to have a look at my lungs. So there I was in the tram, coughingmy heart out until I more or less collapsed. Not in the medical sense, more like “dropping to the floor because I was not giving thought to standing because of more immediate problems”. Well, luckily there was some really nice young man who finally had the mind to squish my lower ribs, which cleared my throat.

Thank you!

Believe it or not: the tram was full of people, but neither cared to help – they just started fucking whispering to each other and pointing their fingers. Sad – really very sad. Maybe earlier on some hearty slap on the back would have helped me, too – but no – let’s wait until somebody nearly chokes to death under everybody’s eyes.

Anyway, I won’t allow any candy near me and won’t have any sage sweeties until I finish my studies next week. Just to make sure, see…


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