Rhubarb Pie

Cooked twice this month with fresh rhubarb from the garden *UBER-YAMMI* plus: my family envies me for already having had this twice with rhubarb from the garden. They didn’t have it once, and they will have to buy there rhubarb from a supermarket *nänänänänä* 😛

Things you will need:

  • 1 ovenproof dish (very unsure about how this thingy is called in english… in German it would be “Auflaufform”)
  • rhubarb for this ovenproof-dish-thingy
  • sugar
  • streusel: 200g butter, 200g sugar, enough wheat flour
  • vanilla sauce

As you already see, this recipe is kind of imprecise. Don’t blame me, blame my mom, ’cause that’s how she told me how to do it. 😉

Start by peeling and cutting the rhubarb into pieces (width half a centimeter to a centimeter). Fill it into the ovenproof dish, but leave some space for the streusel. Add sugar to the rhubarb as you like. Prepare the streusel: knead the butter and the sugar and add flour until you have a nice streusel dough. Cover the rhubarb with the streusel. Put the pie into an oven at 150°C to 170°C and bake until the streusel become golden-bownish in coulor. You will also see the rhubarb juice cooking up between the streusel cover.

While the pie is baking, prepare the vanilla sauce.

Serve the pie hot with vanilla sauce and enjoy this sin, which the God of Dieting will not easily forgive. You can also eat it cold, but I think hot tastes much better. Next time I cook it, I will try to make some pictures.

And for the diet people: never ever try to replace the butter with margarine. You wouldn’t want to eat that pie. Believe me 😉


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