WGT Day2 09-05-29

We started our day with very tasty marmelade (raspberry and strawberry), which was homemade by Ms Nice. Then we went shopping again. I was considering buying some top, but unfortunately it was sold out in my size.

Afterwards we went to the Heathen Village, a more or less medieval market which is part of the WGT. In 2005 there were only very few traders, who did mot specialise in goods for the medieval or LARP fans. This year it was quite different. On the one hand, the market lost quite a lot of its charm with market stands selling just the typical gothic clothing or dragon statues for decorating one’s home. I like “pure” medieval markets better, with traders selling only medieval style clothing and the like. These traders often play there role quite perfectly in using older German forms of addressing people and use funny words, they made up for contemporary things, eg. calling pocket lighters “pocket dragons”. It’s like a game and it adds much to the magic of medieval markets.  On the other hand, I found an optician who makes glasses frames himselves and offers oddly shaped glasses with those frames. In comparison to standard glasses frames, his are low priced. I didn’t ask, but I believe this will change, if the glasses are supposed to look like a bat’s wings, but I would be really happy to own glasses which fit better into my lifestyle by having little silver spiders on them ( or something like that). If you are interested: have a look! Anyway, I took my time and tried quite a lot of his models.

We also had lunch at the Heathen Village, because it tastes better than standard chips or sausages or what ever, and because you’re not hungy anymore, once you finished your dish. We had Dresdner Handbrot which is bread filled with loads of cheese and ham or cheese and mushrooms and is baked in a wood stove. Sooooo yummy! During lunch, we watched some band performing on stage, but I forgot their name. It was nothing special: A technically quite good medieval rock combo singing songs about pirates.

In the afternoon, we went to Werk II to see Staubkind. Werk II was really packed! We had to wait almost 20-30 minutes before we got in.Luckily we decided to go there early, so we could see the whole show. When we entered, Leandra was still on stage. We listened to their last two songs – not bad, as far as I can say. The singer is really good, but she should not grunt, it gave the song a strange feeling to it. It just felt wrong. Strange.

For Staubkind, I don’t know their albums, only some songs from samplers, but the songs I know – or more correct: knew before the concert – are great. Mr Nicolaus said, the last album was rather depressive, but their show wasn’t. They had a great rock show, interacted with the audience a lot – and the audience reacted quite good – so we had a great time. And I made a mental note to buy their albums. They played some of their club hits and some new songs, but all through their 40min stint people sang along and danced. The singer was dancing and spinning round – while his mike was connected with a cable. He stood on stage and jumped and jus kept on turning round and round and round until I was afraid he might fall because he tied himself up with his mike cable! Really a great first concert for a festival!

Afterwards we went to the AGRA because we wanted to see L´Âme Immortelle, Combichrist and Project Pitchfork. We didn’t know yet, but again we would have to wait for almost half an hour before we got in! I don’t care, really, we missed the L´Âme Immortelle almost completely, but well, shit happens. On the other hand, Sonja Kraushofer, the singer did either have a bad-voice-day, was just singin crappy that day, or the technicians had messed up their settings. Her voice sounded quite strange compared to the albums and the live show I saw in 2005 or 2006. Still, they were really great. The AGRA was packed and people were partying.

The next band was Combichrist. Typically me, I couldn’t name one of their songs although I was quite sure, I had heard some on my nights out at one club or the other. On stage were two drummers, one to the left, one to the right and one keyboarder with four or five instruments in the middle. They were clothed completely black, wore latex or vinyl clothing and had painted their faced black, which reminded of soldiers using protective mimicry. The singer jumped on stage when the first song started, clothed cimilarly to his buddies, his face covered completely in black facial paint. He was jumping around all the time through the 50min-only show, slowly sweating the paint off his face – at the end of the show, most make-up was gone 😀 . During some of the earlier songs he stopped to pose, grinning like a maniac – which was emphasised wven more by the contrast of his white teeth and blackend face. Of course I knew some songs, like “Body Beat” and “This shit will fuck you up” (follow links only if you know what you’re doing 😉 ).Unfortunately, the front man (who is from Norway) was talking so fast, that interaction with the audience did not go too well in the beginning. But with the last of the two examples it went quite well. And I was infected by a “catchy tune” – actually it wasn’t too much of a tune, still I was running around for the days to come screaming “Hey! People! What the fuck is wrong with you!?!” in my head. Actually, the live version of this song is much harder.

The show was quite impressive, with the front man jumping around like a Tasmania Devil, the left drummer destroying sticks by the minute (I think it for him they should be tagged as “consumables”, really) and the right drummer(I think it was Joe) standing and clambering up his drum set (and knocking parts over, of course). It was fun to wath them and fun to party along with them on stage. Everybody in the audience was jumping and screaming along, once we understood the front man 😉 . At the end of their show, they “destroyed” their instruments, which was rather childish. The only bad thing about their live show. I really want to see them again!

After Combichrist, the Eden House played. The AGRA was empty almost at once, because nobody knew them. They feature members of obviously rather prominent bands – like The Fields of the Nephilim, which I don’t know either – but it was only their second live show, so they said, which made me wonder, why they were given such a prominent time slot on the festival schedule. Anyway, this is not for complaining, but for the good memories. They weren’t bad. But you could notice easily they weren’t accustomed to playing live together. Further more, it was far too loud (and the music was not half as agressive as Combichrist!) and mixed really badly. The technicians really messed it up. Most instruments sounded very hard and the (female!) singers’ mikes were too pronounced on the heights, which made listening to their songs a rather unpleasant experience. Unfortunately their music was neither hard nor electronic and that way they simply did not fit in between Combichrist and Project Pitchfork. And last (and I hope somebody tells them), the audiance was applauding their last song (not the last on their setlist, the technicians told them time was up *gg*) and was calling for an encore – which was ok, given, that they were really good – but: this is a festival and they are not playing as the headliner and not on the last day, so the musicians should not encourage the fans in calling for an encore. In the end, the technicians had to tell them to leave the stage and just started to remove the equipment, as the guitar players were still trying to get an encore. Absolute no-go, guys, where are your manners?

The last band were Project Pitchfork. What should I say? *YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY* PITCHIES!!!  See, I love ’em. Really. Very. Much. I have seen them live once – and it was great. So now: second time! *YAY* The Pitchies rocked the house! (yo, bro! *ehem*) From the first tune, people started partying and singing along euphorically(Actually, as soon as the stage looked like the Pitchies were to come, people started chewering. I hope the roadies liked it 🙂 ). For one song, Peter Stiller, the front man, had another guy singing with him – I know the song, I can even sing along, but I forgot; so SHAME on me. They played some new songs from their lates album – simply great. Unfotunately, after bout 20min they tuned up the bass – and my stomach told me, it would be better to go home NOW, otherwise he would make me feel very very ashamed of myself. I hate it when every bass beat hits me in the stomach 😦 That was somewhat frustrating, but after we went outside and my stomach was better again, I only felt sorry for Mr Nicolaus because he had to leave with me. Anyway, it was great – and I will see the Pitchies again! (… one day…)

Although there were some parties going on, we went home, because we were wasted and at least my feet hurt like hell.


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