WGT Day3 09-05-30

Once again we started our day with going shopping in Leipzig’s inner city. The evening before we had cornered Nice jr. and forced him to tell us what kind of sweets his mother liked. And tadaaaaaa: equipped with the information we found the perfect present in no time. We went home, so we wouldn’t have to carry it all day. Coincidentilly, we met her and gave her our little thank you present – which she didn’t want to accept at first, put we pressed hard enough 😀

As the day was rather rainy, we decided to spend as much time as possible inside and didn’t go to the Mono Inc. and Eisbrecher concerts at Parkbühne. So our first stop was the AGRA fair. Lots of clothing, toys (for grown-ups^^), music labels and stuff. We scanned rather quickly through the stalls and still managed to find some very interesting things, which prompted us to plan another visit. I found some tops I really liked, but unfortunately those were latest collection and far to expensive for me. Mr Nicolaus found a beautiful long skirt. He’s soooo sexy when he wears it – I don’t need to tell, I love men in skirts, do I? – Well in case: it makes me go *rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*. I also decided, that I could look for a metal boned corsett – I did – and the prices really scared me away. So I didn’t try any. In one corner, BDSM related stalls were located, which offered a lot of information and really nice toys – and I saw the biggest cockring _evar_! It’s diameter was big enough so that I could have worn it as a wristlet – if you could open it! And the guy who showed it was obviously proud to present the biggest cockring ever. *gg*

First item for the afternoon was a talk by the forensic scientist Dr Mark Benecke at Werk II. We weren’t early for the opening, so we had to queue up and in the end didn’t make it to the talk. They had chairs set up and that way only 400 people could attend. We were about 20-30 people away from the door, when the announced that nobody could go in anymore. Some people were complaining, and I have to admit that it was a little annoying for me at first, too. But who would want to stand through an 2hrs talk? So we decided to go to Kohlrabizirkus earlier than scheduled. We wanted to see Megaherz playing, but this way we saw two more bands.

First were Ava Inferi. Don’t ask me what kind of metal exactly. It was with a woman singing very high only and some guy grunting, see? I personally don’t like this type of metal too much, because you simply don’t understand what the guys are singing – at least I don’t. Aside from my personal preferences, all songs were the same in one way or the other: same beat, same composition, not too good, but still not too bad. For me: simply mediocre. The woman was more wailing than singing – very strange stuff. And all the time she was trying to have some real big gestures to underline importance which wasn’t there, so the music semmed to be of even lower importance.

After them, Atargatis played. Although it was exactly the same type of music, it was rather good. The singer/grunter were quite easy to understand and they had a very nice selection of songs. Only thing a little annoying: The singer talked too much. Women 😉

Next band was Megaherz: straight hard rock with German lyrics. Really great. But don’t ask me how that fits in with metal. The bands following Megaherz were all more or less black or Death Metal bands! Anyway, after the first song, the singer Lex lost his belt buckle and over the following songs his belt, too. But although he announced he might loose his trousers, too, he didn’t strip on stage. Even calling for it didn’t help. Okay – maybe I was a little far away from stage standing next to the sound technician. It was really fun. I did a lot of screaming and singing and jumping and caught some really strange looks saying “wtf are you doing?!?”… well… I was having fun? Kinda… I don’t care, if they didn’t like it *gg*

We then left, because we wanted to see VNV Nation and Feindflug at the AGRA – and remebering the day before we decided, we’d better be early. We had met some guy from Mr Nicolaus studies who drove us over by car, which saved us playing fish in a tin (= going by tram). To our surprise we didn’t even have to wait in line to enter the AGRA! Nobody there – yet. That would certainly change (spoiler: it did!).

The first band we saw here was Vomito Negro. Strange name. And neither of us had ever heard of them. We were curious. The singer looks like Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode! Some might like it – ehem… I certainly don’t. But as long as the music’s good… *shrugs* The first two or three songs which they played were really weak. Strange rhythm, not really a melody. But they changed for the better and about two thirds of the set were nice EBM which made you wanna dance.

They were followed by Yelworc. (NO LINK FOR THEM!!) The band was introduced as an important band which helped to develop EBM and stuff and it was there second concert after long years of absence (15?). Well, I don’t know what they did long, long time ago, but they sucked. Three guys standing on stage, two of them pretending to do something to a keyboard or guitar and the third guy screaming for himself on a microphone. Oh he had some fancy masks… Simply Bullshit. Don’t treat yourself to that stuff unless you know what you’re doing. Many people there felt the same I think, because there was only a handful (ok make it two hands full and take it literally) of people in front of the stage who were cheering.

Next were Feindflug. Their music is some kind of really hard military style EBM/Industrial. Their best known song is most porbably “Stukas im Visier“. People had been waiting for them to play and soon the AGRA was packed. Lots of people waring uniform, even original NVA uniforms or GDR police uniforms or something like that (Mr Nicolaus knows better, I grew up on the other side of the Wall) were there. Well, on stage there are lots of drums, covered in tarn nets and a fake FLAK. The band wears unifroms – I can’t say if real or imaginary – and it feels like 7 out of 10 (don’t know the correct numbers) play drums. No vocals, only samples. In the beginning they had an announcement, that the show was only for people older than 16 years of age and that the heavy use of stroboscopes could cause epileptic fits. To me it felt as if the only lights they used were stroboscopes >.< Feindflug regularly triggers controversial discussions, because of the topic they choose for their songs, the show featuring original video footage from WWII, the band being neo-nazi and the like. They claim differently (“use your brain and think about it”) – and that should be enough here. The show was great anyway.

Last band for the night (for us) was VNV Nation. As for most bands, I don’t know many songs by name, but their songs are played often at clubs, so I expected to know them and I was right for quite a large part of the show. Ronan – the singer, no not Keating, it’s Harris – has a really astounding voice and is quite a presence on stage, although he doesn’t do much jumping and the like. He is a stage veteran of many years and you notice that immediately from the way he interacts with the audience and how the audience reacts to him. Although VNV Nation is not as hard as Feindflug they rocked the house. From the beginning of the first song people were celebrating, jumping, clapping, singing and everything you do, when great artists are on stage. Ronan talked German, English and I believe once he even used some kind of Welsh or Gaelic or stuff. Very impressive. It was over far to soon. But they will be on tour in September and October (Sept. 30th – Dresden *wooohaaaaa*) – I am really looking forward to that! And they played “Chrome” – the first song which I listened to and knew it was a VNV Nation song. Sooooooo cool!

My feet tried to kill me – again – and they didn’t know yet what I had in store for them the next day…


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