WGT Day4 09-05-31

Fourth day of the WGT and of our wonderful almost-all-inclusive vacation in Leipzig. We were invited for lunch and as we were out on events for most of the day Mrs Nice let us decide the time! She’s a really great cook. Lunch was delicious!

Afterwards we went to the Agra again as we had much more time than the last day. We visited the different stalls and looked for clothes or other items we liked. And Mr Nicolaus persuaded me to try on some of the corsetts offered. I didn’t want to because I knew, I could never affort one. I did try some – anyway.

I found the first corset I liked at Heresey’s(beware – it’s pink!). It was not for figure forming but metal-boned and made from a beautiful red fabric with Asian pattern. (Unfortunately, I cannot link to the corset directly, but if you visit their/her webpage look under shaped top and you can find a blue version of the corset I tried.) First problem: I have never worn a metal boned corset before. I own some plastic boned corsets, but you do not lace them up the same way as the metal-boned corsets (even if you should lace them properly: the laces prvided by H&M are too short for even trying that). So I shyly asked for help, and the designer/tailor of the corset helped me into it and tied me up. She didn’t close the corset completely at the back, so two of the bones stung under my arms, but she told me, if I liked it, she would take my measures and could customize it, so I wouldn’t have to lace my first corset too tight. She explained a lot and was really nice. And I was so sorry, I couldn’t buy it.

The next really beautiful corset I tried was an underbust corset from Slacks fashin, Berlin. It was made from pinstrped fabric and was reducing my waist to a ridicoulously small size. The woman at the stall told me, it was only reducing my waist’s perimeter by approximately 10cm, but still it was a really new look to me and it felt strange and soooooooo sexy. I liked it, but it was also very expensive. Slacks also sells toys for grown-ups so Mr Nicolaus and I had a great time looking at their offers. The woman at Slacks advised not to buy a cheap corset (of course, as their’s are expensive) because (so she said) it will sting and hurt and I will loose interest in wearing any corsets.

The last corset I tried on that day was at Maya Hansen’s stand. Maya Hansen is a designer from Spain who specialised in corsetry. Her designs are so beautiful and sooo expensive, I could cry. I had looked through the corsets last day, but I couldn’t bring myself to ask if I could try one, because the corsets were so expensive (my wallet actually tried to gnaw through my handbag to bite me – just in case I got carried away by the moment…) I tried this one – or at least one that’s very similar to this. And I did it while Mr Nicolaus didn’t watch, because he was browsing through another stalls offers *dudummm* So this is the only corset I tried of which he didn’t take a picture. It was so somfortable! If you look at the link you can see, that it goes down all the way to your privates and up to your breast. It is metal-boned and made from five layers of fabric (minimum as Ms Hansen pointed out) – so very stiff, one would think? No FUCKING way! It’s so comfortable. It kepps you up, but it doesn’t feel like it’s in your way. Well, I think, trying to sit down in it I would make quite an embarrassment of myself… falling over or so. But still I am in love with it. *sigh* I have browsed through her webpage multiple times now, and I hope I will have enough money before THIS corset is dropped from her catalogue. It’s nice, not too expensive and I would definitivly wear it in office! That would be fun! (And many engineering students would be turning their heads ^^ yeah I crave that attention totally πŸ˜‰ ) By the way: Maya Hansen is modelling in that corset: beautiful, isn’t she? THIS one is on my wish list, too. And I could fall for her bridal couture… So now, hush, browse her page and fall in love, too.

So what can I say? The lady at Slacks fashion was right. I tried serveral corsets (and wrote only about the expensive ones *gg*). But the cheaper ones simply didn’t fit as well as the expensive ones, didn’t give me a good felling – or were plainly boring and ugly from my point of view. *sigh* So I have to save some money. Luckily my birthday and Christmas are still to come (*wink*).

Most important thing: Mr Nicolaus bought a short skirt for me πŸ™‚ I love that skirt and I’d love to wear it again as soon as possible (better weather conditions for example…) And it would go so well with the first corset on my wishlist – *ehem* the other way round…

So for the music part: We went to the Kohlrabizirkus to see Frozen Plasma and so we also saw the Fading Colours. Well – the colours have already faded!! And to keep the punch line: both guys on stage were rather mousy. Not moving much, music without emotions… not moving – okay, not that a keyboarder can move very far on stage without getting into trouble at some point, and for the singer: if you are Peter Heppner, you can – in fact – clutch your micro and mime a singing statue – if you’re not, you’d better not even try!

The fun part: Frozen Plasma! Although future pop and the like are not exactly the types of music that makes me go wild, Frozen Plasma certainly hits a nerve. The music was fun and really great, it had a rough edge to itΒ  – which you might not necessarily find on albums – and the singer interacted with the audience, was jumping around. Really great show. I knew some songs which made as regulars into the DJs playlists and I enjoyed taking more or less meaning less videos of the light patterns in the Kohlrabizirkus. (Must ask Mr Nicolaus for the data!). I enjoyed the 40mins and although I wouldn’t go to their tour, I’d love to see them again on a festival or the like.

That was the music part. A little short you might think – and you are right. Although ASP played that night and both Mr Nicolaus and I love that band, we decided not to see them (we have had quite a lot rock shows already and are feverishly waiting for new songs!). Instead we wanted to go to Obsession Bizarre, a large fetish party. (Outing). We went home and prepared. I wore one of my corsets and of course my new skirt together with my high heel boots (14cm at the heel and approximately 2cm plateau at the toes). I liked that outfit. But I knew, the boots would be killing me *gg* Mr Nicolaus wore skirt and boots, too, (but no high heels here *g*) and a vinyl vest. So SEXY *RRRAUUURRR* πŸ˜€ Bear with me πŸ˜€

Then we went to the Kuppelhalle. Such an impressive location! Although the outside looks somewhat decaying, the inside is a wonderful location for special events and parties and I hope and believe, that they will put a final touch on the areas which haven’t been renovated already. Go over and look at the pictures. We arrived rather early, but we already had to wait 20min before we got in – and I was worrying all the while that we wouldn’t get in because we wouldn’t fit the dresscode! Anyway, we made it – and my feet were already screaming at 10.15pm. For the first half of the evening three little life acts were planned: Sinnliche Magie, a life BDSM performance, Knottyboys.com, rope bondage, and Miss Von Coffin, Gothic Burlesque.

I won’t go into details here, just: it was a really hot night. I loved it. But it was cut short by my ever-aching feet.


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