WGT Day5 09-06-01

*My appologies I am behind on posts again…*

So this would be the last day of this great festival. I really was a little sad, but also rather exhausted. My feet were hurting, even if I did not stand or walk – so finally it was time, the festival ended. For this day planning was easy: All bands at the AGRA would be playing more or less medieval music with some quite big names to it – so we would be there as we both love this kind of music. The weather wasn’t too nice, so it was easy for us to go inside early and not leave again until late at night.

The first band to play were The Moon and The Nightspirit, a band from Hungary. The feature a violine along with the usual set of guitars and drums and the violin player (she) and the guitaris (he) share in singing. The music is really nice and comfortable, despite she seems to be singing lots of  “lalala” stuff instead of actual lyrics and he growling a lot (a combination which I do not always like), but the sound pleasant anyway. Maybe the female singer actually had text to sing, but I didn’t get it because I do not speak  Magyar. Their songs are based on Magyar legends and the band dresses up accordingly. The violinist -for example – looked like some elf or druid wearing a floor-long hooded dress made from green velvet, the men’s clothing looking more like clan warriors. Their performance was really nice, but nothing I would buy on CD, but if I saw them at a festival, I wouldn’t want to miss them.

The next were Adivarius. A typical medieval music combo with pipes, flutes, drums and the like and a particularly annoying front man. Oh and some girls doing dancing and juggling and acting out some songs lyrics. The music was standard, the tunes well-known – technically well played and presented, but nothing I didn’t know from other bands, like In Extremo or Die Streuner (although for the last band I don’t know who copied whom). This band may work well on the stage of a medieval market, but not on stage in the biggest location this festival had to offer. I clearly prefer bands who have some music of their own, a particular style in their music, just something that makes them special and distingusihes them from others.

Adivarius were followed by Nachtgeschrei, the first highlight of this day. Mr Nicolaus had already played some of their songs to me and I really liked them. The band is not too much into doing authentic medieval music, they just add pipes, Drehleier (hurdy-gurdy? (how do you pronounce that WITHOUT laughing your south pole off?!?)) and accordion to a typical rock or metal line-up and have a really great and unique singer. And the fucking rocked the house. The hall was almost empty (not emptied by their predecessors on stage, but still) but they drew people and those who were there partied along with them. I sang along as much as I could (didn’t know all the songs the played) and time just flew. They had only 40 minutes to play, and although they didn’t talk much, from my point of view, they could have played for hours! (Limited by the fact, they have just published their second album…) It was really out-of-this-world! The Drehleiter-player was kind’a cute trying to look ferocious, but his grimacing would send hords of Japanese girls off to scream “kawaii!” instead 😉 And maybe I somebody could tell me, how many microphone posts does the singer destroy each year? 😀 See them live, make a guess 😉

After this Cumulo Nimbus played. Some guy told me, “they are great, really like straight into the face!” But see, six weeks after the concert I can’t remember anything, except they weren’t too grat and they weren’t too bad, but the were not “straight into the face”. Somehow. Sorry :(Any ideas, why they are named after some type of cloud?

The next band, which I have also been introduced to by Mr Nicolaus, were Feuerschwanz. Their music is the medieval music equvalent to fun punk – like fun medieval rock. Or something similar. 😀 They act as a troup gathered captain Feuerschwanz, a knight who preferred drinking over a crusade, and other odd characters, which mock historic or other well known medieval characters (Johanna von der Vögelweide… no comment!) It’s rather difficult to describe their performance, just go to youtube and see, if you find anything or come and see them on stage – wonderful, humourous, but sometimes rather low-level humour (Herren der Winde…). Their stage performance is enhanced by the very, very cute “Miezen”. Just go, see and sing along with “Met und Miezen” (sorry, live and rather low quality).

Feuerschwanz were followed by Schelmish, who were reduced by one as their singer was injured and the doctors had forbidden him any concerts. They were great anyway. The set started out with major technical difficulties, as the microphon of the singer did not give any signal to the speakers, but once this was finished, they started stante pede: “Wir sind fett, wir sind hässlich, wir sind assozial. Wir! Sind! Schelmish!!” (We are fat, we are ugly, we are antisocial! We are Schelmish!”) Although I can only name one of their songs, I knew almost the complete set. And for the one song I can name(Das Moor), they asked a girl on stage, but I was to shy to try. Damnit! Would have been fun! (The girl on stage was cute, but either she didn’t sing at all and only moved her lips, or the technicians had forgotten to turn on the mike!) The show was great! Everybody was partying and although the band was reduced a little, they did really great! I am looking forward to their new album! *wantitwantit*

Before the last band entered the stage, there was a short fire performance. It was nice, but not overly great. I still think, the group had undergone changes, because some members on stage always looked to others for support. Otherwise they were nice to watch, go here for Suatesh.

Headliner and last band of this wonderful festival were Letzte Instanz. In April I had missed their headliner tour due to working on my thesis, with a 1.5 hr show I had the possibility to catch up. They played many songs from their latest album, Schuldig. And we partied. We sang along, we jumped, danced, I tried headbanging, but I didn’t have enough space. The show was just simply great. I have seen this band serveral times up to now and I enjoy their concerts everytime. I am especially fond of their violine player – NOT what you think… It’s just so great, that he plays violine and jumps around at the same time. I want to be able to play like that. As the last band they were in the fortunate position to play encores – and the did *YAY* *YEEEHAAAAAA*They didn’t play “Der Garten“, a song that makes me cry and that I am deeply in love with.

By the way, I didn’t feel my feet for the larger part of the night, but once the bands finished the pain came back with full force. Anyway: same time next year. If possible.


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