My budgies love basil. In the beginning they didn’t even care to look at it. I was quite disappointed, because in books and forums everybody was like “oh my little luv-birdies luv it”. Mine didn’t care. Yesterday I tried again – and they devoured it. Not a single look to the normal food – just the basil. They even started to bully each other, so they wouldn’t have to share… O.O

My birds are so fucking crazy…


VNV Nation + Guests, Hannover

Yesterday night I went to the VNV Nation concert at the Capitol in Hannover. As special guests Rotersand and Frozen Plasma were expected. The Capitol is an old cinema which has been converted into a place for live concerts and  parties. There is still a balcony, which can be used as well and the floor is made from wood, which is very comfortable for your feet. I really like the flair of the location.

Because the A37 it closed completely from the cross A37/A2 my navigational system and I got into some heavy dispute about which route to take, so I ended up driving around the city of Hannover for close to 45 minutes. It took me quite some time to figure out how to stop the fucking little piece of annoying hardware from trying to get me back on the closed road. (They seem to be renovating a bridge…) So I missed the first act of the evening and arrived when Rotersand were already half through their set list. Still they were really nice, the atmosphere was great – it was a great party and I even knew some songs! Their show was full of energy and the had a DJ on stage so most songs came with a new sound for me.

Next were VNV Nation. What could you say? Maybe just use Ronan’s own words: “Das ist einfach wunderbar!” After the first song the crowd was cheering for some minutes and you could see that the musicians on stage were taken by surprise completely. From the first few chords to the last unanswered calls for an enchore (unfortunately everybody wants to call it a day at some point) the concert was one great party. People were dancing and singing along during the songs and frenetically cheered for the band on stage and singing a melody line from the song “Perpetual”  (du-du-duu-dudududu) –  so when they ended their concert with this song the crowd was going crazy.

Seeing the expression on the musicians faces and the sparkling in their eyes during the show, I am quite sure, they enjoyed it as much as the audience.

A little annoying was one person, who seemed to take a video of the whole concert, which in turn made Ronan quite angry. Twice he demanded that guy to stop – maybe he did, maybe he didn’t – I don’t know. The guy was on the balcony.

After the concert, I went to the aftershow party at Dark Star club. The party was really nice. And the DJ was really good. He played EBM – electronic sounds whatever stuff and had a really nice playlist. The club itself is rather strange – I don’t know if I like it, yet. On the one hand it is decorated like a spaceship, with alien figures and metal and mirrors and the like and on the other hand it just looks like a plain entrance hall of a former business building which has been converted into a dance club. Strange combination and a very small club, too.

After the concert I noticed that there was not one single piece of Frozen Plasma merchandise but Solar Fake instead… Please don’t tell me I missed Solar Fake. Please.

I would really very much like to know how Ronan and the whole band would describe the Hannover show from their point of view. Really. VERY VERY MUCH. *curious* ^_^

Moving On

I recently accepted a new job – I think I blogged about it. I am still being offered positions from other applications. Declining some of those offers really hurts. Like the one from Bordeaux – I think it is quite surprising that I have been offered this position as I don’t speak any French (take that literally). What is even more important to me: the topic is very interesting and going abroad would perfectly satisfy the little nomad inside of me. Still I declined. I am sorry. Truly sorry. It really hurts.

Strange Dreams

Tonight I had a very very strange dream:

I was having lunch at my universities cafeteria. While I was happily munching away my huge heap of spaghetti my friends, who are both male, talked about some strange kind of machinery. A long time I did not understand what they were talking about, because they seemed to use a language, I did not know. When I finally was able to understand them, I realized that they were talking about programmable washing machines. They were actually discussing the latest features in a php-programmable Valiant *fancy product name here* washing machine, which was currently their favourite model. This washing machine was able to recognize if you accidentially washed data storage devices. It would read the data before adding water and would write it back onto the device after spinning. Thus no data would be lost.

Here I entered the conversation, saying that when washing a video tape, the data on it was lost. “Of course,” answered my friend, “this is because the Valiant *fancy product name* can only read and write jpg-files while on your tape, there are only txt-files! It is was invented, that you can wash your digital camera!”

Then I wondered, why it was so bright already and woke up.

Some notes:

  • Valiant is a company manufaturing heating technologies, to my best knowledge they don’t do washing machines
  • I can’t programme in php, furthermore I can’t remember ever looking at php code
  • From a technical point of view, the answer of my friend is pure bullshit. Both friends from my dream are electronical engineers, just as I am. The dream of course is bullshit, too: never put electronic devices in a washing machine. *joke* Well,perhaps use delicates and only light spinning? Or the wash-and-wear programme? 😉
  • There are two guys talking about their favourite washing machine…

*scratch head* Any clever idea, why I dream such weird things?!?

Wer Wind sät

The new Saltatio Mortis album is out! *YAY!*

It plainly fucking rocks! For all those, who don’t want to or can’t buy it: go here and listen to there songs. And if you think they are really great (as I do), go here and tell them and buy their album! (Downloading is a stealing! *hrmph* )

My current favs are: Ebenbild and Salome. For Ebenbild there is an official video on youtube.

On the Move

Lot of things have changed in my life recently. (No worries, Mr Nicolaus is still giving me the time of my life 😉 ). So after originally starting my first job at TU Dresden, I will move on already: starting on October 1st I will work at the Leibniz University Hannover. Sad thing, Mr Nicolaus had to return to his university for studies, so we can’t meet every day. Makes me sad, too. But he can’t join me in moving, so we will have to make it anyway…

I am realy sad that I have to leave Dresden: I will leave friends, my love and one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen behind. Although I am quite lucky to have friends in Hannover already, I am rather sad already. I never imagined my departure from Dresden would come so soon.

Besides , I really haven’t found a new place to live, yet. Finding the new position was kind of sudden – little more than a week from application to job offer! Lots of things to organize!