Strange Dreams

Tonight I had a very very strange dream:

I was having lunch at my universities cafeteria. While I was happily munching away my huge heap of spaghetti my friends, who are both male, talked about some strange kind of machinery. A long time I did not understand what they were talking about, because they seemed to use a language, I did not know. When I finally was able to understand them, I realized that they were talking about programmable washing machines. They were actually discussing the latest features in a php-programmable Valiant *fancy product name here* washing machine, which was currently their favourite model. This washing machine was able to recognize if you accidentially washed data storage devices. It would read the data before adding water and would write it back onto the device after spinning. Thus no data would be lost.

Here I entered the conversation, saying that when washing a video tape, the data on it was lost. “Of course,” answered my friend, “this is because the Valiant *fancy product name* can only read and write jpg-files while on your tape, there are only txt-files! It is was invented, that you can wash your digital camera!”

Then I wondered, why it was so bright already and woke up.

Some notes:

  • Valiant is a company manufaturing heating technologies, to my best knowledge they don’t do washing machines
  • I can’t programme in php, furthermore I can’t remember ever looking at php code
  • From a technical point of view, the answer of my friend is pure bullshit. Both friends from my dream are electronical engineers, just as I am. The dream of course is bullshit, too: never put electronic devices in a washing machine. *joke* Well,perhaps use delicates and only light spinning? Or the wash-and-wear programme? 😉
  • There are two guys talking about their favourite washing machine…

*scratch head* Any clever idea, why I dream such weird things?!?


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