Strange Dreams II

Lately it happens quite often, that I can remember what I dreamed – and those are always very strange things to dream about.

Last night I dreamt about hosting a radio show on how the ostrich came to Australia. I cannot recall what information I prepared exactly, but it was some bullshit starting back in the 1760’s, but in my dream it was quite detailed: something with pirates chasing ostrichs for bones and a herd of ostrichs flying/running over the ocean to Australia, which then led to the pirates discovering the continent. From this information, I created a story with sound effects in the background, read by some guy with a horror-movie-voice, which was to be aired in several episodes during that radio show. Then their should be discussions(‘Why isn’t the ostrich national animal of Australia?’) and music. On the day the show was to be aired, my family stole my laptop with all the data on it and aired the show as their work one hour before it was scheduled. I was furious and tried to get my stuff back, but they barred me from room they were using, claiming that because we were family, they had the right to use my stuff as they liked.

Then the alarm went off and I woke up. And my first thougt was:” I have to go back to sleep. This issue has not been settled!”

I truly hope, there is no psychological disease with “bullshit dreams” as a first symptom…


One thought on “Strange Dreams II

  1. Hi! I’m glad to find you living – well, unliving – in or on the internet (don’t know how addicted you are).

    Concerning your dream, I don’t think it is illness-caused. To read more and sleep less helps allot getting rid of dreams at all.

    This is the second blog which I will read on a regular basis, e. g. hoping for new stories and I would love to receive E-Mail from you. Yours, Frank

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