Rock Harz 2009 Day 01 – July 9th

Well, after we arrived at Ballensted airfield we found, that things were already quite chaotic. The roadies who were showing you were to park and set up your tent were telling everyone just to look for some space to stay – and that’s it. The camping site looked exactly like that: People started parking every where, for some there was no way to get out – neither for emergency services to get in. But Mr Nicolaus and I found ourselves a nice place from which we could even leave early, should we want to. The weather was nice and so were our neighbours. Very good start.

The first day was fun metal day. Well. Maybe. At first two newcomer bands played, the first was nice, the second was crap.

The Fiddler’s Green entered the stage. Their music is somewhere along the lines of Irish-folk-punk, and I didn’t expect too much, since I never found anything I liked along their songs. But I have to say: on stage they were really great! They even made the crowd do a wall of death and a circle pit around the technician’s tower while playing an accoustic song! No, I didn’t take part because I am not into pogo and anything that’s alike. But it was fun to watch!

While Mr Nicolaus and I got something to eat from the car, the Schröders started playing, and I really regret, that we missed most of their performance. They were really great – and unfortunately this gig was part of their farewell tour. I really had problems getting “Frösche weinen nicht” out of my head. A song about being a metal parent was also really cool. I am still looking for that one.

Next were EAV – Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung. They really were out of place. They did their best, enjoyed their time, but I don’t want to see them live ever again. They simply do not fit on a metal festival. They played most of their old ‘hits’. But they didn’t really reach the more or less sober part of the crowd, those drunken enough were even partying in front of an empty stage. 😉

Last act for the day were J.B.O. I really looked forward to seeing them live on stage. And the sow was sooooo great! I even wore a pink t-shirt! But it was too cold to show. They played lots of their old hits, and the crowd happily partied alon! Cheering and singing and answering every “Danke Rock Harz!” with a “Bitte Vito!” (or “Bitte Hannes!” but that was rather complicated on first try 😀 ). And they played “Verteidiger des wahren Blödsinns” which I soooooo love.

All in all great first day.

PS: I am far to lasy today to look up all the band’s homepages. Just ask uncle google 😉


First Assignment

Got my gear a few days ago, and yesterday I had my first assignment! Ok, no fire or emergency or the like. We put up Christmas lighting at Herrenhäuser Markt. Although the decorations were tested before we put them up, I noticed a lot of burnt through light bulbs on the decoration.

After we finished putting all the stuff up, we had late lunch together. Thanks to the nice people, who organised it for us!

My gear

As I already wrote, I am a volunteer with the local firebrigade. Yesterday I went to the official place to receive my gear and had to put myself through an awfully slow process. First we had to wait, because some children were given gear. Then we had to find out, that a turtle would have been faster than those guys. And maybe more friendly.

Afterwards, I waited in cold for quite some time, because I didn’t realize the car wasn’t locked. I didn’t feel uncomfortabel, but still I got a cold.

Anyway: I have my gear. I will be fighting fires! (Or doing other things …)

Zita Rock 2009 – June 13th

Mr Nicolaus and I went to the Zita Rock festival 2009. I had been looking foward to it since I had to leave the Pitchies show during the WGT early, because the bass made me sick. This day’s line up was

  • Tanzwut
  • Zeraphine
  • Diary of Dreams
  • Oomph!
  • Project Pitchfork
  • Unheilig

No matter what the day would be like, the line-up promised a great party – and I wasn’t disappointed on that point. Continue reading

Back Again (no. something)

Ok, I moved to Hannover and finally settled in a very nice three-room-flat. Or mostly: I still have enough boxes unpacked to play fairly easy levels of sokoban here 😉

After the first month, I am still compelled to say: work is great. I have my research, I have a project, I have issues around the chair and I am involved in re-working a lecture for which I will be holding tutorials in the near future. I can almost completely choose on what to work first, which gives me huge possibilities in structuring my day. I had my first personal major breakthrough on my research topic, when I finally came to terms with interval arithmetics and I believe I really understand now. (This is of course no general breakthrough or big issue on the research itself, but you have to straighten out the basics) My colleagues are really great and working with them is fun.

I also settled personally. I joined the local kendo club and also the auxilliary fire brigade near my place. So free time is already being consumed by my hobbies. The only thing that is painful is Mr Nicolaus not being here. I really miss him alot. But we visit each other and talk on the phone or chat via icq and I think we’ll manage.

My budgies have also adapted to their new environment, albeit they still hate me a little for the five hours drive from Dresden to Hannover.