Back Again (no. something)

Ok, I moved to Hannover and finally settled in a very nice three-room-flat. Or mostly: I still have enough boxes unpacked to play fairly easy levels of sokoban here šŸ˜‰

After the first month, I am still compelled to say: work is great. I have my research, I have a project, I have issues around the chair and I am involved in re-working a lecture for which I will be holding tutorials in the near future. I can almost completely choose on what to work first, which gives me huge possibilities in structuring my day. I had my first personal major breakthrough on my research topic, when I finally came to terms with interval arithmetics and I believe I really understand now. (This is of course no general breakthrough or big issue on the research itself, but you have to straighten out the basics) My colleagues are really great and working with them is fun.

I also settled personally. I joined the local kendo club and also the auxilliary fire brigade near my place. So free time is already being consumed by my hobbies. The only thing that is painful is Mr Nicolaus not being here. I really miss him alot. But we visit each other and talk on the phone or chat via icq and I think we’ll manage.

My budgies have also adapted to their new environment, albeit they still hate me a little for the five hours drive from Dresden to Hannover.


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