Zita Rock 2009 – June 13th

Mr Nicolaus and I went to the Zita Rock festival 2009. I had been looking foward to it since I had to leave the Pitchies show during the WGT early, because the bass made me sick. This day’s line up was

  • Tanzwut
  • Zeraphine
  • Diary of Dreams
  • Oomph!
  • Project Pitchfork
  • Unheilig

No matter what the day would be like, the line-up promised a great party – and I wasn’t disappointed on that point.

I was greatly surprised, that Tanzwut were the opener. The members of Tanzwut are the members of Corvus Corax, one of the greates medieval music acts to date. As Tanzwut they combine medieval music with modern rock and electonic music elements. When I saw them on stage for the first time, they were playing at the WGT main stage as co-headliner (being followed by Subway To Sally, WGT 2005 I think). They explained, they asked to be opener because they would play on another festival in the evening and they were facing a rather long trip by car after their Zita Rock performance. Two energetic shows on one day? I salute you! The show was great, suffering only from the sun (2pm and sunshine) – but its an outdoor festival, so the opener will play in broad daylight. Still better than pouring rain 😉

Zeraphine were second. Even if they play their fast and hard pieces, its still softer than Tanzwut. Because of this, I had set Zeraphine as the opener. No offence, but the rest of the line up was more ‘rock’ and they are more ‘pop’. Understand? Still I love their music and their singer’s voice. I get goose-bumps all over my body and go *rrrraurr*. 😀 Their last album release has been quite some time ago (approximately 5 years), so there was nothing new, only old hits. Well, godd enough for me, that way it’s easier to sing along 😉

Then Diary of Dreams entered the stage. Their set list consisted of serveral old hits and new songs from their latest album (if). It was fun. Jumping and dancing and snuggling with Mr Nicolaus during Traumtänzer. I really love that song. And the band.


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