Buying Shoes

Women should go “YAY! Buying shoes! I LOVE it!”. Men are a little shyer, more like “I need new ones”.

Despite being female myself, I totally am with the men on this issue. I don’t own many shoes,  I don’t want many shoes. An for christ’s sake I do fucking hate buying shoes. But my beloved winter boots are beyond any help since yesterday evening, so I had to go shopping for shoes!

I have to admit, I am difficult. I have large feet (shoe size 7 or 8), I have wide feet, I don’t buy sneakers or anything that looks like sneaker, because I consider sneaker ugly, my lower legs are rather athletic, so I don’t fit in most of the boots’ shafts,  and I only wear black – so no brown shoes for me. Oh, and I’m a bit picky about heels – no fucking way I am going to wear something like 7cm heels during winter.

The first thing I learned this year: it’s en vogue to wear skinny jeans in your boots. So probably no boots for me. Not because I would have to buy new trousers, but because I don’t fit into skinny jeans. Maybe next year some designer will find out, that there are a lot of women out here, who do not fit into any skinny jeans, because they have a more female form than the average anorexia victim.

Second thing learnt: winter shoe season ends mid-december. I remarked, that recently snow and ice might prefer March over January. And the nice lady in the shop answered, she knew, but industry didn’t. Didn’t help me much.

So I combed through the left-overs from this years winter-shoe-season:

  • Heels in any form, even 8cm: goes great with heavy ice, doesn’t it? It has become even easier to break your ankle. And I also couldn’t wear those shoes at work, because my feet would be killing me around lunch time.
  • If a corset pushes up your breasts, it is doing its job. If a boot shaft “pushes up” your calf, you look like +20kg and you can’t walk anymore.
  • There are winter balerinas. Like, very useful in ankle deep snow or heavy rain.
  • Useful winter shoes (boots, half-boots, whatever) go by the term “rustic”. Sounds like “rusty”? Guess how I felt on being told “ah you’re looking for something more rustic”…
  • Left overs are very, very slim. I can put them on, but my feet start hurting after 30s.

SO, no shoes for me. Dammit.


One thought on “Buying Shoes

  1. When my son was a baby and i was a novice mother, I made the mistake of trying to buy him some mittens in wintertime. Silly me. Shops sell baby’s summer clothes in winter.
    Sounds like you’ve had a similar (dismal) experience with boots.
    They might get some out for the post-Christmas sales though.

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