White Christmas

staff party!

When I woke up on Friday about 5cm of snow were covering Hannover. As I didn’t look out of the window I only realised that, when I left for work. Nice. I was totally not clothed for snow, so I headed up the stairs and changed. It snowed all day long, so currently Hannover is Winter-Wonderland!

Friday night our Christmas staff party took place. With all the snow outside a wonderful setting. Still we stayed inside in our cozy building. Even though meteorologists say, there won’t be a white Christmas, I at least had a kind of white Christmas! (Meteorologists are poor sports!! 😛 And I don’t really believe them, as it is still freezing fucking cold outside.)

At our party, we had a nice buffet – the warm stuff ordered from a catering service and salads and desserts provided by the colleagues, cookies and nuts and oranges and our boss read some Christmasstories, which were really funny. We also had Feuerzangenbowle. Although I really have a very low tolerance for alcohol, I like that special drink. See, people often claim “the last <alocholic drink> was spiked/bad/ whatever”, for me it would be “the first…”. I usually have only a very little bit of Feuerzangenbowle  into a cup and fill up with orange juice, I also drink lots of non-alcoholic drinks during the evening, so I won’t feel bad. Didn’t work on Friday night. Initially, I felt quite alright, but after I came home, I started to get stomache ache and felt generally very unwell, which lasted well into Saturday. So being – as far as I know – very very European, could I please get some more European-like alcohol tolerance?


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