LARP Freak?

Today at my university’s cafeteria:

I guy wearing leather holstery containg one glass bottle with red fluid and another one with blue fluid on his belt. The holstery was embroided with a metal button with seemingly Viking knot pattern. Which roleplaying game had he been playing too much? WOW,  Sacred, Diablo,   …   well this list could be rather long.

Anyway, queueing up behind him for food, I really considered putting on my hood, pulling my Palestinian head scarf over my face, and poking him in the back yelling “back-stabbing”. Wearing all black I’d be a perfect D&D assassin ^^ Well, the 26-yo-me and the 2×13-yo-me had a quick rock-paper-scissors contest, which 26-yo-me won, so I didn’t do it. I think, I’ll do it next time. Even though I might not be allowed to sit with my colleagues that day. 😀


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