One week off

I took a week off last week and spent it with my favourite Christmas character 😉 .

We went shopping – I finally got chairs for my kitchen -, visited my relatives despite rather heavy snow and even went to Hannover Zoo, on the day they found the bomb.

During summer season Hannover Zoo is rather expensive, but currently with it being cold and snowy entrance fee is down to 7.50€. That’s really ok. So we decided to spent one day in the zoo. We had lots of fun, despite many animals being kept in their stables. We watched the giraffes licking some metal girder like it was finest food.

We watched the chimpanzees being fed by their keepers: the keeper would hold up various kinds of vegetables and fruits and the chimpanzees held out their hands, if they wanted some. The keeper threw them the food and they ate it. It was fun to watch because some were really choosy abotu their food. Also one female was in heat and the male head of the clan choose to take his chance while eating – and so was she *gg*. The gorillas and also the orang-utans had a very slow day.

Else it was the day of suprisingly non-zoo-like animals: the red panda and a Burmese python. I have seen both species in other zoos and they were sleeping. So in Dresden I only got to see the tail of the red panda, which hung from its hut and most zoo snakes make themselves into a heap and that’s that. Not last Thursday: the panda was out eating. Really cute! And the python was extensively exploring her cage and her possibilities in getting either me or Mr Nicolaus for lunch. After it found, there would be no special human treat for lunch she took a swim, sat on its colleague’s nose and went swimming again, while its colleague seemed to be thinking “wtf?!?” It was really fun to watch.

After we completed our walk through the zoo, we found we had missed the elephants. Weather was fine enough for them to be outside, so we walked back to the elephant area. There we were greeted by a nice young man telling us they just found an unexploded aircraft bomb from WWII and asked us to leave. On our way out, a member of the staff told us, we would get our money back, so we got our money back, and still enjoyed over 4 hours of zoo 🙂


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