Üstra-staff on strike

Yesterday the üstra-staff was on strike. That meant: no tram, no bus within Hannover for the whole day. The event was announced serveral days in advance, so people could prepare. What did I do? I decided to walk. Although it there wasn’t any new snow recently, pavements are often thickly crusted with ice. So going by bike with an almost flat tyre was not an option. So I walked. Maybe you are from Hannover? Maybe you saw me? Around 7o’clock in the morning, singing, doing dancing attraffic lights? Yes, maybe. I had fun 🙂

I’ll do it again, when the staff is on strike.

PS: I had a whole day of fun at work because I was in an incredibly good mood. Although I walk slightly more than 1hour to work. And I don’t pout 😛


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