Gentoo + Xmonad

Last week, while I was having a slow evening with Mr Nicolaus, I went on to clean up my gentoo installation After a short while of trying to clean out the leftovers of the switch from KDE to Gnome, I decided to do a new clean install.

I have to admit I really liked KDE4 but it never ran smoothly on my old 2003-ish Toshiba Satellite notebook. The desktop would regularly crash, so I switched back to gnome. But still the performance was really low.

Shortly before Christmas I had a very inspiring conversation with my sister’s boyfriend: he told me about Xmonad. And he really liked everything running fastly. So after I emerged gentoo and X and finally found out that a blank screen and a 4-line-config file is perfectly normal currently, I started emerging Xmonad just moments ago.

So here’s the next question: going for a lightweight installation, I am still contemplating whether I should go for gtk+ or qt libs?


2 thoughts on “Gentoo + Xmonad

  1. That surely depends on what software you are planing to use in the future. I as a long-time kde user would suggest Qt, but that is because I use KDE software. However, you should choose wisely, as otherwise you will end up installing both.
    Maybe you could make a list of software as of a need, like and nice-to-have criteria, sorted by their use of libraries.

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