Myr Nicolaus and I went to see the “Winternacht der Spielleute” – a concert of three medieval metal or medieval rock bands ind Leipzig. The concert was really awesome.

Our plan was to return to my place in Hannover that night, because I had an important appointment the next night. So far so good. Mr Nicolaus has a car and we don’t drink, so no problems in sight.

When we left the concert around 1 o’clock at night it started to snow. The weather report had said so, so we weren’t suprised. There had also been a warning indicating 10cm+ of snow. But we knew, and off we went.

Everything went really fine until we reached Magdeburg. Due to heavy snow 80 km/h was fast on the highway, but here the highway was closed due to lorries which were standing across the highway. We left the highway and tried to drive through Magdeburg to reach the A2 with the stupid satnav trying to turn us around to the A14(closed) even though we changed the settings to exclude highways.

Anyway, 5-6km down the road, the car stopped. The motor didn’t give a single sound and we couldn’t start it again. Nice. 3o’clock in the morning and we were stranded in Magdeburg.

The car was towed and after everything had been arranged for, we were driven to Magdeburg Main Station where we got train tickets and waited for the 6o’clock train. 1 hour 30 to go! Luckily they had a witing area, which was not too cold, and as the train started from Magdeburg, we could enter half an hour before departure.

Then we waited. And waited and waited an wai… And nothing happend. They had problems with some points and the train couldn’t leave. I couldn’t sleep. Everytime I closed my eyes, it felt as if the train was moving and when I opened them again, the train juddered to a stop. That was some really horrible feeling.

We were finally transfered to another train and reached Hannover at approximately half past eight and my place at nine. As I am rather light-sensitive when it comes to sleeping, I couldn’t sleep because the sun was shining brightly.

A really lovely day for a walk in the park – had we been home earlier!


One thought on “Odyssey

  1. Oh, what a horror trip. At least I know the strange behaviour of satnavs from my time in Waldgirmes. Sometimes it helps to drive a few km in a totally different direction or to define stopovers.

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