Hörsturz in Mittelerde

I haven’t been out a lot recently. Moving to a new city, having to go out alone – I didn’t feel like dressing up if a very special person couldn’t see me.

But last Friday, I went to a local club, because the party theme has made me very curious: “hearing loss in middle earth”. It was a quite awesome mix of electronic music and medieval music. Two DJs played  four songs alternating between the two styles. As I like both, I spent a whole night dancing. *YAY*

The only not-nice thing: some guy tried to hit on me. Asking me stupid things about the club or whatever. He came, asked a question and went his way – and I always hoped it was the last question he asked. When he finally, asked me to come to his place, I answered rather sharply and he did not annoy me any more.

All in all: a very nice night out.


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